car starts sometimes, car has black smoke coming from tail pipe, on 1993 Toyota Camry

when we are in the car for a while in wants to shut off. we have to use the brake and gas peddle to keep it crank.

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You have a fuel problem, maybe a stuck open fuel injector.
If you want to see a specialist, here's a directory link for you:
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I have see this problem many times.. When you drive the vehicle at high speeds and come to a stop, the egr valve gets very hot and can stick open. A stuck open EGR valve causes the MAP sensor to get inconsistant readings and will cause the vehicle to emit black smoke and want to stall. Check and make sure the EGR valve is not staying open. Another area of concern is the Idle Air Control Valve. Because of the age of the vehicle it can stay closed some times due to carbon build up in the throttle body. One other area of concern is a lose vacuum hose going to the map sensor mounted on the back of the firewall behind the intake manifol.. If this hose is off it can make the car run rough and cause it to stall at times. The vehicle needs to be inspected by a shop who understands the varous systems at work to accurately determine the cause.