car starts or not starts may set then start it does not turn over on 1991 Toyota 4Runner

starter tested 3times ok neut. swct. new- post. cable new batt. ok - car may start 20 times then not start sets then may start. had starter tested because tapped on and started new starter 3wks old may be bad ground or ingt.switch bad help thanks

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No click (nothing) when turning key to start position?
no a click
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Remove connector to solenoid , clean off oil/corrosion and bend the tabs in a little with a pocket screwdriver to tighten the connection , see if that helps.
that was done when starter was taken off and tested
Next time it doesn't crank , re-check that connection & test for battery voltage while key is turned to 'crank' position.
thank you iwill reply when we volt test