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1997 Ford Taurus Question: Car starts on and off - New Battery

My 1997 Ford taurus Wagon has run perfectly until 10 days ago. It didn't start, I got a jumped it worked for 5 days. It wouldn't start for the past 3 days until yesterday I tried it started. Drove it to an Auto Zone and they did the diagnostics. Low Battery life, new Battery. Parked the car for the night, drove it to work this morning and now it won't start again!!!! Please help. -
Answer 1
Start with doing a charging system diag, make sure the alternator is putting out enough to charge the battery, if that checks out, then it's time to start looking for a current draw with key off. i assume when you say it won't start, then engine won't crank over ? -
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Hey Thanks! Yes, the engine won't start over. The lights come on on the dashboard but the engine won't turn. Also notice the check engine light on. -
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check engine light on when engine isn't running is normal, you could be dealing with a weak starter, but i would check charging system first, that's probly your culprit. -
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Be sure and get a good diagnostics on the charging system as the computor conttals the regulator on that model Also worn out brushes will cause you to have a bugger in and vehicle Meaning they will make contact and charge a battery and then quit at any time a bad diode will kill a battery over knight and cause the alternater not to charge enough to charge the battery with normal load as to lights and AC being on. jlelandthomas -
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