Car starts initially, then after turning off, have trouble starting again. on 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue

Car starts up fine each day, drive 2 blocks and turn ignition off. Then start car up again , it won't start. Have to try multiple times, then it starts. Now check engine light is coming on. Dealer said eventually I would need fuel pump. He seemed puzzle.

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Everybody needs a fuel pump sooner or later. You need to find a mechanic with a scanner to see what the check engine light is trying to tell you. If the light has been on, then there are trouble codes stored in the computer. That info would be good to know to diagnose your car.
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I am having the same problem and the first problem. My problem started different though, first it the car would just shut off after heated up. We changed the MAF and it didn't shut off anymore. Now I'm having the same problem you are, it starts great cold but once it heats up when you shut it off that it. It turns on, and shuts right off. Now working backwards, it's not the ignition system, not the fuel pump, (check the fuel pressure), not the IAT or ECT, so the only thing I'm thinking is the PCM. I have a scan tool and it's not picking up any codes, so probably if you take it somewhere to get it read you will be throwing money away. I suggest you work backwards.
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Fuel pump maybe