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2004 Kia Optima Question: Car starts fine. somtimes while driving car losses acceleration but stays runnin

i think it was a p0134 code? cant get it 2 come back on. changed both cats & o2 sensors. still doing it. seems like it does it only when its above 75% outside. last time it did it, had 2 keep barely pressing gas 2 putt home. got home put n park reved up fine,put n drive with left foot on brake pedal and rt on gas & bout 2500 rpm car started sputtering. is it a crankshaft sensor or a fuel issue? im baffled. thank you -
Answer 1
Who changed the parts(you or shop?) were all vacuum connections checked? NO exhaust leaks? OEM or aftermarket cat & O2 sensors?Were the replacement sensors direct plug -ins or did they require splicing the old connectors to the new sensors? -
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Mechanic changed parts. dont think vacuum connections were checked. didnt see any exhaust leaks.aftermarket cats but no welding nessacary just nuts and bolts. bosch direct fit o2 sensors no splicing -
Answer 2
I think you should have someone check-TPS-MAF sensors and circuits. Try this little tip,i did and it worked on a car just like yours just last week. Now not all problems are related but this one sure sounds like it. -
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i checked the MAF sensor. it looks new and clean? what circuits you talking bout and how do u check them? Ive thought maybe TPS too. -
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With scanner check TPS% should sweep from near 0 to near 100% at WOT. Should not drop out while sweeping throttle. Scanner will read what computer sees. MAF even though it looks new and clean if its a reman.try another one. Remans give a bit of trouble. Also i don't have very good luck with some 02sensors,Bosh is one of them. At least at my shop. NGK better choice,again in my shop.If TPS sig. drops out engine will also. -