car starts after holding key for a long time on 2000 Ford Windstar

after changing the battery I noticed holding the key 2-3 seconds longer to start the car. then it took 2-3 attempts then the car would start. then it took holding the key for about a min or more. headlights and interior lights come on as normal. jumped car and it started. checked the alternator and it had pull. though it must be the starter. tapped on starter and the car cranked. thought it has to be the starter then. changed the starter and it worked for half a day. back to holding the key longer. once it starts you can turn it off and back on with no problem. let it sit and back to holding the key. and sometimes it doesn't work.

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Possible ignition switch problem! The electrical switch, not the lock cylinder.
This was the conclusion I came up with too. However the real problem was an overlooked starter interupt relay. Thought they were checked. Well at least I know my starter won't be going on me.
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agree with pushrod but 2-3 secs longer really
2-3 seconds was how the problem began. I was giving details from the beginning and ended with need to hold the key for a min or longer if it will start. Didn't always work. Don't want to live in the van for a day or two for when it decides to start.