Car starting issue & acceleration on 1999 Mercury Sable

Car would not start, then it would after retrying over and over, replaced battery thinking since its cold it won't turn over fully and start, not the problem, car turned over and over, but I didn't smell gas at all when pushing pedal down several times, at times when I drove it cut out like there was no power. Someone said it may be the fuel pressure regulator. Not sure what does this sound close to being wrong?? anyone know or can help me not spend over and over to get this repaired. Help!

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It's not carbureted, so pushing the gas pedal in a pumping action like you would with a carburetor, does not increase fuel the intake. You could have a fuel pump, pressure situation. If you know how to check for fuel pressure and fire to the plugs, it would help in diagnosing your no start issue.
We found the issue. After replacing the fuel sensor gauge it did not change anything, we then bought a fuel pump which did the trick. We thought it was something with fuel so we started going from there. It was an inexpensive fix due to where we had it repaired saving my husband time and due to the cold weather being under the car outside.
That's great glad to hear it's running.
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