1993 Oldsmobile Achieva Q&A

1993 Oldsmobile Achieva Question: car started to jerk around

i was driving the other day and my care started to jerk and stall, i got the spark plugs rplaced and ignition coil replaced and still it stalls when i put in drive, have any suggestions? -
Answer 1
Bring it back to the shop that performed the work and tell them that the engine stalls now that I picked up the car -
Answer 2
camshaft sensor tends to collect power steering residue,allowing the wires to fray. it will effect overdrive and cause stalling, surging, misfires and check engine light. your welcome, worknexploren@gmail.com -
Answer 3
try the coil housing cover because if you check it by book and it reads out good it could be still shorting out while running because of its design. had that same problem with mine and replacing put it back on the road. -