Car start... on 1999 Toyota RAV4

I have been trying to start my car since Saturday and it just wont turn on. It makes a effort to start but it turns right back off. The radio and light turn on. We tried giving the car a jump but that didn't work either. I don't know what to do next.

by in Elmont, NY on February 01, 2011
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ANSWER by on February 01, 2011
Be sure that you haven't run out of gas. If there's fuel in the tank, the next thing would be to check for spark and fuel into the cylinders. Check for compression. Also, the timing belt needs to be checked to be sure that the engine's in time. Sorry, but you haven't given me much to go on. Maybe find a Toyota specialist. Here's a direcrtory link for you:
ANSWER by on February 01, 2011
Could be your starter if it never starts the engine, otherwise, I can't tell from only this information.
ANSWER by on April 07, 2011
I have the same problem,Drove my 1999 4x4 2.0 letter Toyota RAV4 all day I parked it over night, now I can't get it started it fires and wants to start but it dies. it has a full tank of gas and fully charged I bought me a CanOBD2 Diagnostic Meeter. and plugged it in to my RAV4 the DTC gave me this Pending Code: P0300 ( Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected) + ( P0301 Cylinder 1 Misfire Detected) + ( P0302 Cylinder 2 Misfire Detected) Dose any one know the firing order to a 1999 2.0L RAV4
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