car stalls when pressing on gas on 2001 Ford Explorer

When i press on the gas in drive the car stalls and i have to restat it. when it runs in park its fine. it will run forever and wont stall.we changed the fuel filter, flow meter censor why would my truck continue to stall?

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From what you're describing, I would check the MAF sensor, throttle position sensor, then move deeper. From experience with my 01 explorer, those symptoms were a combination of dirty MAF sensor, vacuum leak from intake manifold gaskets. Clean the MAF with carb cleaner (be gentle with it) by removing it from intake body and let it dry before re-install, it may be beyond a cleaning though. Manifold gaskets made a HUGE difference, they are very cheap and straight forward to replace but plan on several hours of downtime. Which "flow meter sensor" did you replace and did anything change better or worse?