car stalls out and has to cool off to restart...esp difficult in stop and go traffic on 2000 Chevrolet Tracker

Car has been to shop several times, fuel pump replaced...problem still occurs. Checked in Louisiana three times and at Buckalew in Dec...can't find problem. One mechanic couple months ago suggested replace head gasket. Once engine heats up after driving and a stop, it will stop/stall out. Once engine has cooled, car will start again. It has 114,000 miles. Thanks

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replace the cam positioning sensor...
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I have found on my 2000 Chevy Tracker with 2.0 L engine that after the engine warms up it will strat to run rough and if idling will cut off and not restart until it cools down after about 20 mins. I kept spraying with alcohol to cool components down and finally found that if I sprayed the camshaft position sensor mounted on the back of the engine that it would immediately start back up and run fine. I have an appointment with a mechanic next week to get it replaced and get the timing reset. Hope this helps P.S. There are all kind of prices out there for replacement sensors. Be careful where you purchase.