Car stalls on start-up. Requires multiple tries after stall to get started on 2004 Volvo C70

Approximately every 10th time I start the vehicle it stalls. I turn the key, the engine revs, then immediately cuts out. Once this happens it can take 10 to 15 attempts before the car will start. It happened less frequently at first, and required fewer attempts to get it started. It has gotten worse over the past month. I have the car about 3 months.

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Is there a Check Engine Light on? if so codes stored in the computer in your car will indicate what area to look at first. A scan tool is required to retrieve codes stored. Stalling and failure to restart could be caused by many things. A vacuum leak, a malfunctioning idle air control valve excess fuel too many things to guess at without being able to experience the problem first hand or do some basic diagnostic test to determine what is really wrong.
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same exact car same exact problem. suspected main relay. no codes no other visable issues. another garage replaced the fuel pump and filter, to no avail.
My issue turned out to be the ignition switch. Apparently there is a mechanical and electronic function in the key. So the key fits and the ignition turns -- car starts, right? That's what I thought. However in addition to the mechanical turning of the key there is an electronic signal from the key to the ignition assembly. For some reason this signal was not working. New ignition assembly installed for about $150 and I have not had the problem since.
Did they install a completely new ignition switch assembly? $150 really good price. Sounds more like a possible reprogram of some kind. Hummmm???? The last time I had it done the didn't supply new keys with the new switch, but I got the old switch back in a box. One more way to keep you coming back?????
If you have other car keys on your key ring that have chips in them--they will shut you down---remove other car keys from your keyring and the restart--
Just to let you know your not alone on this issue. Same car same issue.

I'm now experiencing this for the 2nd time. Mine only 2-3 times needed to get the engine to run. The last time it happened I tolerated it for several months, until the ignitions switch locked out, (the key wouldn't turn ). Had to have the car towed to the only to have it sit at the dealer for 7 days to get a new ignition switch (had to order from Sweden) and $500 later it worked until recently, AGAIN!!!!! Go Volvo to having a great electrical system.

Maybe I'll try my backup key to see if the chip is the issue, once again.

Anybody know of any other solution......please share.


I have read there is an electronic anti-theft ring around the ignition switch that has to be replaced.