car stalls at stops and when put into gear, on 1996 Ford Windstar

My 97 Windstar has an intermittant problem: at times it stalls when taking off from a stop, also when putting it in gear. Other times is runs great, no problems. The check engine light is on at times also. I took it to a mechanic, he said I had an intake leak and replaced all gaskets on the intake manifold. also gave it a tuneup, it still has the problem. At times now, it won't stay running at all. The next day it may run fine. ??????????????????

by in Bridgeton, NJ on January 08, 2011
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ANSWER by on January 08, 2011
It could be a lot of things. For example, MAF sensor dirty, Idle air control sensor, Throttle position sensor, vacuum leak, dirty fuel filter, etc etc. Do you know what the code is from the check engine light. That is going to be the only way to really narrow it down.
COMMENT by on January 09, 2011
Thanks for the info, I'll find out the code and let you know. MsPriem
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