Car stalls and seems to not be getting gas? on 1995 Mercury Cougar

I have a 1995 Mercury Cougar XR7 (V8), last night it stalled out at a stop light and I had to get it towed because every time I got it started I tried to put it in drive and th rpms just dropped to zero. About an hour after the tow, I went out to start it and it started right up. Today, I drove to AutoZone and tried to get help. They did not know what it was so I started with the cheapest thing (fuel filter) that did not fix the problem (I don't think?). I just drove it around after I replaced the filter and it stalled out again. I got it to start and drive back home, but it was very weak and black smoke came out of the exhaust. Before I replaced the filter, a couple puffs of white smoke came out. Normally the engine runs excellent, nice and quiet. I bought this car in May 2010, the people I bought it from said it sat there for almost a year. After replacing the filter is it possible for the car to act like this until it gets fresh gas?

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nope, instead of a parts person, take it to a shop and have them tell you the real problem. i bet it is a fuel pump.

I hear the fuel pump kick on when I turn the key. Today, I drove it about 3 miles to see what it would do and it started "chunking" down the road and stalled numerous times. When it is "chunking" there is white smoke poofing out. I have been told by a couple people that my catalytic converter is clogged.
I bet it's not the fuel pump.. Replaced mine (only 20 psi pressure and bad level sending unit), new pump 35 psi. Ran perfect for 15 minutes idling then stalled and not starting. NO CHANGE. Still very weak and black smoke came out of the exhaust. Normally the engine runs excellent, nice and quiet. Could it be fuel pump Relay or something related to ignition?
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hello, I have a 95 too 2 things, the Crank Case sensor underneath the altenator about 9 O'clock is the plug give that a wiggle , that has been my constant no start problem with the 95 cougar. or if your getting a MAF sensor reading, code it could be a failing MAF. But again I had No Error code of a Failing MAF, it was chuncking like yours Burning tones of fuel through the Engine, an easy way to do it is,when it starts that chuncking turn off the car open the Hood where the Air filter is down on the Passenger side of the car unplug the connector( MAF) on the top, just past the AIR filter, start the car it will run as if its in safe fuel mode with the MAF un Plugged that then will show you if it starts runs with out the chuncking problem, then you know its an inttermitant failing MAF unit