Car stalls on 1997 Ford Escort

Have a 97 Ford Escort, 200,000 Km's on it.. When we start it, and let it run, it stalls, driving without stopping runs great.. stop at red light or stop sign, it stalls, it's 5 speed.. Starts up right away when restarted.. I am in Canada.. Had to make up Zip Code.. Mine is K7C 2W9

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Do you ever get a Check Engine Light coming on? This will indicate a code that will really help in isolating what your stalling problem is. It could be so many things, even a dirty throttle body can cause an other wise good running car to stall when it needs to idle a bit. The car will start and drive fine, it is just when it comes to a stop and needs to idle that it will stall out.
G'day.. Well got serious about it the other day, because the Charger needs breaks.. so wanted to get Escort going, so give me a few days to get the Charger in.. The problem was the hose coming from the PCV.. had a hole in it.. put some tape on it, and she purrrrrrrs like she was new.. Thanx for your help