car stalling out and not keeping an idle on 1990 Volvo 240

in addition to my previous question. today i was searching the data link connector and ine #2 port received a very strange response. it was steady constant flashing and i could hear a clicking sound coming from the throttle body it happened three different times in the 2nd mode testing, when i unpluged the probe there was still a clicking from the throttle body. now am very confused.

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Sounds like when you were checking codes through the #2 port (fuel injection control module) that you activated the mode where it operates the idle valve and injectors (for testing purposes).
There are many things that can cause idle issues with this car, throttle body needs servicing, MAF Sensor, Idle Valve, vacuum leaks, fuel pressure regulator and fuel pump to name a few.
With all the possibilities it's would be too hard to try and coach you, so I suggest taking it to a Volvo specialist or go visit the Volvo forum at Mathews Volvo site.