car stalling at red light just as gas pedal is pushed on 1995 Ford Probe

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Every tune-up part (plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter) has been replaced (as well as 3 distributors within the past 5,000 miles, yikes!), yet the vehicle has recently begun stalling at red lights when it's time to take off. Will I now have to consider draining the gas tank even though there is no sputtering whatsoever?
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pop the negative terminal and depress brake pedal for 30 seconds, this resets the computer, replace negative terminal, be on your merry way. worked on my girlfriends '93 4cyl probe at least.
Sick! Sounded like an urban myth at first. I tried it and now not only has my 1995 Ford probe stopped stalling, (well at least for the last 15 minutes or so) but I am now getting heat blowing into my car, where before I tried this reset It would only blow hot air when I revved the engine up over 3000 rpm.
check your vacuum advance tubes to be sure that they are all on and you may need new ones. then see if there are any cracks in your air intake tubing betwen your throttle body and mas air flow unit. good luck. have a friend check your vacuum tubing to see if they are in the right places and not accidentally crossed.