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1997 Honda Civic Question: car stalling

My honda is a 97 civic 1.6l 4 cin and when you come to a stop slow down for a turn it stalls. it would idea ok when it was in park but now is stalling there too what is the prob? -
Answer 1
This could be caused by a dirty throttle body, a faulty idle air control (IAC) valve or Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). If you have the ability, remove the intake tube from the throttle body and inspect bore and throttle valve (butterfly) for carbon buildup. Do you have any warning lights illuminated on the instrument cluster? This might need some diagnostics to test the IAC valve, TPS and check for vacuum leaks. hope this helps -
Answer 2
Before you do anything you should make sure the engine is sound mechanically, make sure the timing is correct and that there is nothing like a misfire that would cause this. What I usually find with these older Civics is that the throttle body gets full of carbon deposits and needs to be cleaned out. I take the base idle screw out of the throttle body and spray inside with carburetor cleaner and polish the screw before assembling it. Bottom the screw out then back it out three turns. Jumper the little blue connector under the right side dash and with the engine fully warm (radiator fans cycle at least twice) set the base idle to specs (I think 500RPM). Once this is done if you still have a stalling issue then I would look into a issues as Andy suggests. -
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