car stalling on 2003 Ford Windstar

replaced alternator, adjusted air control valve
and cleaned egr passges x 2. still stalling when coming to a slow stop

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first of all, you cannot adjust the iac valve. you can adjust the throttle body stop screw but do this only after cleaning the throttle body. otherwise, you may have a vaccuum leak causing the stalling issue.

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There are 2 aluminum rods that control the air and gas mix. These rods are only held in place by little plastic clips. I found the rods laying on the engine. Replaced them with new clips and the stalling went away. I am not a technician so it's not a technical answer. Hope this helps.
it might be the RPM controller this what they told me when i had the same problem after replacing that it was good first i was thinking it was a spark plugs but then turned out to be a RPM Controller hope this help yours might be something else just check that