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1999 Honda Accord Question: car stacked...

this morning i was in my car driving to port Aurthur. suddenly the car was frozen..there was a blink of a key sign....i was not able to move the gear...and the car was not starting.... -
Answer 1
It must have been sapped by an alien ray gun! -
Answer 2
lol wetry.poss anti theft issue caused by valet key or skim is going bad. have anti theft codes scanned and post so we can adv -
Comment 1
I thought the way it sounded it happened while driving. My bad. I will have to agree with gh! -
Answer 3
If the question could be completed ..........or did it start and it doesn't matter anymore? -
Comment 1
Clearly a case of alien abduction even before the message could be completed! Probably took the car too. -
Comment 2
it was running 80 mile per hour....then suddenly stopped.....key sign was blinking.......i could not able to start the car......gear stacked.....after few minutes it started.....that day this happens 5 times...... -
Comment 3
You escaped!! Great, must still have the car too. Sorry i get distracted easily. Define stacked i dont know what ya mean. Hope the Honda tech. will bail me out of this one. -
Comment 4
Need terminology I can understand first? What is 'gear stacked'? -
Comment 5
Sorry, i was hoping we might get some better info. But that was crazy on my part. RGIII just scored, cool. Get that jelly ready! -
Comment 6
greg probably right....i talk to a mechanic he told me about anti theft issue...problem is the key....thanks everyone.... -
Comment 7
Good luck , and if you could , just to satisfy curiosity , would you please explain what you meant by 'stacked'?? Hope your mech. is on the right track, got me curious cause I've never seen an immobilizer cause a 'stall' (had them come into the shop with green key light flashing) , just a no re-start condition once it sees a fault. Please keep us posted. -
Comment 8
thanks ziptie.....when it occurred i could not able to move the gear....thanks again...i will keep posting... -
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