car stacked... on 1999 Honda Accord

this morning i was in my car driving to port Aurthur. suddenly the car was frozen..there was a blink of a key sign....i was not able to move the gear...and the car was not starting....

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It must have been sapped by an alien ray gun!
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lol wetry.poss anti theft issue caused by valet key or skim is going bad. have anti theft codes scanned and post so we can adv
I thought the way it sounded it happened while driving. My bad.
I will have to agree with gh!
If the question could be completed ..........or did it start and it doesn't matter anymore?
Clearly a case of alien abduction even before the message could be completed! Probably took the car too.
it was running 80 mile per hour....then suddenly stopped.....key sign was blinking.......i could not able to start the car......gear stacked.....after few minutes it started.....that day this happens 5 times......
You escaped!! Great, must still have the car too. Sorry i get distracted easily. Define stacked i dont know what ya mean.
Hope the Honda tech. will bail me out of this one.
Need terminology I can understand first? What is 'gear stacked'?
Sorry, i was hoping we might get some better info. But that was crazy on my part. RGIII just scored, cool.
Get that jelly ready!
greg probably right....i talk to a mechanic he told me about anti theft issue...problem is the key....thanks everyone....
Good luck , and if you could , just to satisfy curiosity , would you please explain what you meant by 'stacked'?? Hope your mech. is on the right track, got me curious cause I've never seen an immobilizer cause a 'stall' (had them come into the shop with green key light flashing) , just a no re-start condition once it sees a fault. Please keep us posted.
thanks ziptie.....when it occurred i could not able to move the gear....thanks again...i will keep posting...
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