Car sounds like its turning over but not firing. on 1992 Saturn SL1

Wondering what could cause the car not to start. It turns over but won't fire up. Could it possibly be the spark plugs? Or even the distributor? Maybe the spark plug wires? I would get it to the shop if I could but it will not start... Help?

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car engain turns over good we are not getting fire at the sparkplugs,what could it be?
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Turning over but not firing or catching would most likely illuminate battery and starter. Your car has distributorless ignition, two ignition coils supply spark to the spark plugs through 4 spark plug wires. If one spark plug wire or even two had failed you would expect the engine to at least make an attempt to fire.
TO many things can cause the engine not to start, sensors supplying inputs to the fuel injection computer telling the computer the engine is cranking and where the pistons are in relation to valve opening are key to the Fuel/Ignition computer controlling when spark and fuel injectors fire. Sensors also control fuel pump operation. Problem could also be engine mechanical related.
Hard to say with out being able to do tests first hand.
It could be that the timing belt is wore out and slipped out of timing.
I just had this problem. It would start intermitently changed the sensor and so far so good