2001 Ford Escape Q&A

2001 Ford Escape Question: Car slows going up hill and seems to be getting worse???

The engine light is on & the car slows when going up hills to 45 mph or less and when I push down to hard it just races the motor or makes a loud noise. Whats wrong? -
Answer 1
Has the "Check Engine Light" come on? If so plugging in a scan tool to the diagnostic socket under the dash will be required to retrieve trouble codes. If the Escape is a manual transmission the clutch may be "slipping". If the Escape is equipped with an automatic transmission I would check the owner's manual and see how to check the automatic transmission fluid level. Definitely need to get this checked out sooner rather than later to avoid further damage. -
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Answer 3
my 2003 escape did that & it was bad coils. I would get that fixed asap!!!! -
Answer 4
In all likelihood your catalytic converter is defective and require replacing. You definitely need to hook a scanner tool up to your vehicle to get the correct diagnosis. If the scanner registers p0403 or p0402 you have a defective catalyst. Also, if you don't live in California go to your local Autozone and they should be able to hook a scan tool up to your vehicle for free. Good Luck. -