car shutting off? on 1995 Mercury Mystique

I just got my mystique from a personal dealer. It only had 97,000 miles or so on it. Recently i was driving it and my battery light came on. It shut off on me and we changed my alternator just a day ago. The car started and ran fine for a day with no battery light on. As i was going to school it shut off again and it clicks when trying to start it. If anyone knows what it might be please let me know! thank you!

by in Paw Paw, IL on January 13, 2010
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ANSWER by on January 14, 2010
It sounds like you still are having a problem with your charging system. Make sure the connections at your battery are clean and tight. I may be a good idea to have a qualified technician check your charging system to try and isolate the fault with your 1995 Mercury Mystique.
ANSWER by on October 26, 2010
try changing the mega fuse on the back of the firewall in the engine compartment
COMMENT by on November 20, 2010
Im having the same problem and if you wiggle the wire to that box it works fine for a little bit....Did you have the same problem? Well never mind we changed the mega fuse and My car runs better than it did ......Thanks :)
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