car shuts off while driving at highway speed. on 1998 BMW 740iL

my 1998 740iL shuts off sometimes while I'm driving on the highway. Is this a map gas sensor problem?


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This sounds real dangerous. How frequently does this happen and does it restart immediately?
Has there been a Check Engine Light on? If so the computer in your car will hold important information.
If I get a car with intermittent stalling like this I plug in my scan tool and drive the car. When it stalls I look at sensor information data shown on the scan tool. You see a lot of information. I also look at the wiring diagram and connect voltmeter leads to likely problem areas and look at what is or isn't getting power when the car fails.
I also T in a fuel pressure gauge and tape it to the windscreen to see if the problem is fuel, ignition or other electrical problems.
Sorry I don't know any specific problem with your 740.
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I went through this for several months and after replacing the (MAF) Mass air flow sensor that fix my nightmares.even the engine light went off by it self after 7 codes keep comming up just because of the MAF>no more dying on the middle of the autobahn or freeways ,or at stop lights.
Good luck guys.