Car shuts off while driving on 1999 Ford Crown Victoria

When I drive the crwn vic the first 1 1/2 miles its ok then it shuts off and I coast off the road. after about 30 seconds i put it in nuetral and it cranks up and all is well and then after every 1/2 mile it starts cutting off again. I have changed the fuel filter, fuel pump and ignition switch and nothing seems to help.

by in Durham, NC on May 06, 2011
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ANSWER by on May 07, 2011
You will have to find out if the vehicle is missing spark, air, fuel or exhaust flow when the failure occurs. Preliminary testing will give at least a good direction. Everything else will be just a guess.
COMMENT by on May 07, 2011
the spark plugs and coil on plugs are good I also replaced those the air flow is great and the fuel is uncompromised since I replaced the filter and the pump.
COMMENT by on May 07, 2011
You still need to find out what's missing at the time of failure. For example: Coils and plugs won't fix a stalling concern if it's spark you are missing. More like -- camshaft or crankshaft sensor intermittent failure or something along those lines.
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