2005 Dodge Durango Q&A

2005 Dodge Durango Question: car shuts off while driving

Car just shutsoff when coasing, taking foot of gas. No warning or anything. No check engine lights come on. Restarted right away, help! -
Answer 1
Check engine light on? -
Comment 1
when you say vehicle shuts off does everything turn off all at once ? i would start at the battery and make sure all your cables snug and not loose or corroded -
Comment 2
How many miles on the vehicle? I checked Tech Bulletins for your vehicle and found several regarding computer reflashing, running rough and rough idle. Have any of these symptoms came up before? If you have time you could run over to our shop in Vallejo and let Adrian take a look at t. Call him at (707)643-7548. Good luck. -
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