Car shuts off sometimes after starting or while driving at slow speeds on 1999 Acura TL

Shut of while in intersection turning left and shut off after accelerating after stop light and getting ready to get on ramp of Highway. Sometimes when parked and trying to start it flutters and shuts off.

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could be your idle air control valve is stuck and not controlling the idle properly.
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Without engine codes, I suggest getting the catalytic converter checked for possible failure. It could be causing exhaust backpressure causing the engine to choke and stall.
There could be more than 1 cause for this. Can you get more info like codes for me?
My wife says that it shut off going 50 mph today and a green key showed up on the display. The check engine light did not come on. Can I still get codes on why it shut off?
Does the key have a chip in it? The key could be bad causing a security issue. As far as codes there is 2 types of codes. Pending and Memory. Pending codes are things the computer has noticed not functioning properly once or from time to time. Pending will not turn you light on. Memory codes are things the computer says is just not working right at all. memory codes turn the light on. get it scanned at the parts store where its free just to see whats there. If there is no codes, it might just be the key. If it is the key you will have to go to a shop. Keys have to be programmed usually with a good scanner.