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1999 Chrysler LHS Question: car shuts off

car shuts off while driving and hard to start back up, -
Answer 1
Is your check engine light on? -
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My Engine produces noise like things are grinding and I had to add more oil because it was low...
Car shut-off while driving and won't start back up. Is this the fuel pump or the coil?
this started last night after I unlocked the car with key less remote any ideas?
Long crank time also. Strong raw gas smell at exhaust. Check engine light gave me a purge valve code, replaced that, light went out, now back on again. Starts right up if done within a minute or so...
I had just changed waterpump and timing belt.With car bsck together as I replaced the coolant the bleeder would not shut coolant kept comming out.what could have come off?Id hate to tare this beast...