Car shuts down while driving when outside air temps get over 90 degrees on 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP

After sitting for five minutes or so the car restarts and runs fine until it shuts off again. Sometimes within a mile sometimes not again for several miles or sometimes it runs fine for the rest of the trip! No codes are set when this happens and it only happens when the outside temp is over 90. Parts replaced; coolent temp sensor, fuel pump, crank position sensor, Iginition control unit.

scan codes and post if any
No codes are set as I stated in my origional post.
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Try unplugging the connector from the MAF sensor and then try running the car like that if it starts. With the MAF sensor unplugged the engine computer will go to a default mode to keep the engine running. Your mileage will be worse, but if it runs good unplugged, then all you have to do to get it back to normal is replace the MAF sensor. It is easy to replace, but you will need to pick up a torx security bit for the screws. I bought a whole set for 5 bucks.
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