Car shuts down every 45 minutes of driving, have to shut off and restart on 2000 Ford Focus

I got into a car accident recently but drove away perfectly fine, but after I started it back up the car shuts of every 45 minutes of driving where then I have to pull over, turn it off, start it back up again and can drive again. (the gas just stops working, but car/radio is still running) Please help, thank you.

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poss throttle actuator have it ck by a mech
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You can try resetting the fuel cutoff switch as well. (Inertia switch usually located in the passenger footwell panel).
What section of the car was damaged, front, rear, left, right?? That will help us answer your question.
The front. Mostly right corner of the the car
Is the yellow check engine/service engine soon light on? Any indicator's on or anything showing a problem, gauges etc? Any new noise from engine area?
No none of that. Literally the gas just starts going out slowly. No matter how far I push in the gas it doesn't go or rev up. But as soon as I restart the car it's good again for the next 40 minutes.