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2000 Ford Focus Question: Car shuts down every 45 minutes of driving, have to shut off and restart

I got into a car accident recently but drove away perfectly fine, but after I started it back up the car shuts of every 45 minutes of driving where then I have to pull over, turn it off, start it back up again and can drive again. (the gas just stops working, but car/radio is still running) Please help, thank you. -
Answer 1
poss throttle actuator have it ck by a mech -
Answer 2
You can try resetting the fuel cutoff switch as well. (Inertia switch usually located in the passenger footwell panel). -
Answer 3
What section of the car was damaged, front, rear, left, right?? That will help us answer your question. -
Comment 1
The front. Mostly right corner of the the car -
Comment 2
Is the yellow check engine/service engine soon light on? Any indicator's on or anything showing a problem, gauges etc? Any new noise from engine area? -
Comment 3
No none of that. Literally the gas just starts going out slowly. No matter how far I push in the gas it doesn't go or rev up. But as soon as I restart the car it's good again for the next 40 minutes. -