Car shut off while driving after problem with keys & ignition hard to turn over. on 1999 Mercedes-Benz E320 4MATIC

1. My 1st key stopped starting the car one day. 2. The 2nd key worked for a while. Then it kept getting harder & harder for the ignition to turn over taking 1 to 3 tries each time b4 starting but car would run smoothly. Then car just cut off while I was driving & won't start. I replaced key batteries, car still won't start. Keys do turn in ignition. All lights work. Battery fully charged. Can anyone give me some suggestions of here to start?

A bad key will give a no start not a cut off.These cars are known for bad crank sensors.If its just a no start and a second key works its most likely a EIS module.You will need a xentry scan tool and a work shop key from Benz.
Thank you for the information. The second key no longer starts the car either. I was using that key when the car cut off while I was driving. Just to be clear.
If you have no fault codes I would check the ignition switch,they are pretty common also.
Hi, I live in Cheltenham Township, Montgomery County. Do you know a good private repair shop that has the tools to diagnose & fix my car? I do believe you were correct about the sensor. My e-mail is We are in Ambler.Call us for an appointment.
Ok. I'd like to have it towed there on Friday. I'll call tomorrow morning.