Car shut down on freeway intermitantly will not start. on 1999 Toyota Camry

As my husband was driving to work via freeway the car shutdown and died. The dealership says its the starter, because they could not get it started? I think it is the alternator or electrical? My husband thinks its the solenoid. We have been having trouble the past few weeks in starting the car but, always did. My husband put the car in neutral to start, I just shut every door and turned everything off and it would start. I took it in for a oil change and had the dealership check the battery and they said it was fine. They thought the problem may be electrical or something? They again said the battery was fine, did not tell me what the map sensor said? I do not think they know and or are taking me for a ride for a lot more money? I told the service rider, to talk to the mechanic have him put the car in neutral and it will start. and actually check the car out and tell me what is wrong with it, not to replace the starter until we know what the problem is! They again, said it was the starter. For some reason I feel they do not know and will replace parts until they solve the problem or make me go broke. could the fuel filer need to be replaced or fuel pump be going?

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if alt is not work correctly it will not run wright ck alt ,you have to put in neutral to start sound like neutral safty switch ,ck fuel pressure change fuel filter