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1992 Honda Accord Question: car shakes when i put the brakes on

car shakes when i apply the brakes to stop -
Answer 1
front rotors -
Answer 2
Front Rotors! I just bought with 300,000 miles on the car. The steering wheel was shaking when I stopped the car. Front Rotors replaced and all is fine now. Brake pads were also getting low so replaced them at same time since were 1/2 gone. -
Comment 1
how hard of a job was it i need mine done want to do them my self but i was told u have to replace the bearings and that they need to be pressed on? -
Answer 3
The reason you car shakes (I would think in the steering wheel) is that you front rotors have over heated and now have high and low spots causing the pads to catch and then repeat over and over gain. People used to say (and some still do) that the rotors are warped. You can have the rotors machined if they have enough material left on them or if they are under or near the minimum thickness you should replace them. If they are too close the the minimum thickness the rotors can not dissipate the heat produced from the friction between the rotor and the brake pads and are very likely to "warp" gain. Neil Bilodeau SAF-T Auto Centers Wallingford, CT 06492 -
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