car shakes when accelerating (sometimes) on 1994 Lexus SC400

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My Lexus sometimes shakes when i accelerate, my steering wheel does not shake at all, i just got my car balanced, so i don't know what the problem is
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Has the Check Engine light come on? I wonder if the shake you are experiencing is engine related. I wonder if a coil (your car has two), or if a spark plug or spark plug wire has failed. The ignition system is under most pressure on acceleration.
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Sorry I am late in getting back to you. The check engine light being on should not be related to the "shake in the wheels" a wheel bearing or suspension/steering related component. A engine running rough and misfiring or experiencing an ignition failure will cause a Check Engine Light to come on and set a code. A repair shop have told you it was a sensor failure, was it the heater circuit in the Oxygen sensor that failed?
my check engine light has always been on, the shop said its just the sensor though.. could it be anything related to the wheel? axle? bearing? rim? because i hope its not the engine itself that would be a problem
Your drive shaft is simply worn out. It is cuased from harsh acceleration. There is a rubber doughnut that is gettting old. It only cost me 100 bucks to get it fixed. Grab a driveshaft out of a junkyard.