car shakes when accelerating. on 2000 Chevrolet Impala

my impala shakes when I accelerate, I got the tires rotated and balanced, and replaced the right front wheel bearing but it still shakes when I accelerate and makes a noise when I accelerate.

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Is the shaking felt in the steering wheel or in the seat of your pants? Is the engine running rough causing it to shake and have lack of power? Is the Service Engine Soon light on? Please reply with a bit more informaiton if you can.
the engine soon light on
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Replace ur cv or half shafts. just did this on my 00 ls and it stopped shaking. I had all the symptoms u did.
Which one? The cv or half shaft??
replace cv axles.seen that problem alot
Car would shake between 30mph & 50mph. Previously put new tires, balanced twice, rotated 3 times and still shook. I changed the driver side half shaft. thought that was it, but still shakes, between 30mph through 50mph then as smooth as butter. What if I change passenger and it still shakes. This is driving me crazy. CV Joints fine.
Nope it is your rack & pinion
the simple visual chekup,....go in front of the car, lay down and look under the car, if the transmission oil pan is below the sub frame or (engine crate)....u need mainly bottom engine and transmission mounts....this situation creates shaking and vibration of the front end.....also if the mounts have been bad for along time it can create damage to the transmission differential, by the transmission hanging low on the engine side motor mount,.... meaning the axle hang to low now and rubs against the engine sub frame.
could be a bad engine/transmission mount, but mote likely a cv joint is failing, i would suggest replacing both drive axles with quality replacements, new rather than rebiult if your wallet allows is the better investment
When your Cv Joints are going bad you will know ..When you turn your steering wheel while making a turn you will hear a really loud clicking noise
possible warped rotor discs
My car shakes when I slow dwn on the freeway.. 2011 impala