2005 Chrysler Sebring Q&A

2005 Chrysler Sebring Question: Car shakes once I hit 60mph but as soon as I let off it stops what causes this?

The car doesn't shake in the steering wheel. Only when my foot is on the gas at 60+ Mph once I let off it stops. -
Answer 1
Axle tripod... FYI, that's the inner cv joint!!!... Very common problem on front wheel drive vehicles... Just keep on looking!!!! -
Answer 2
I had same issue. Car shook from 60-75mph. Took foot off pedal it was fine. I changed a tire that had barely any thread left and shaking stopped. Good luck. U probably have a tire that is old. Don't know how that made the car shake never saw it before but that's what fixed mine. Was pure luck I changed tire too. -
Comment 1
Thank you. I'll try that. Tires are probably a year old. Nothing but front end problems with this car. -
Comment 2
Could be alignment, or tires out of balance... check your tires along the bead and rim. Are there counter balances missing? Can typically tell by a slight indentation or discoloration where a balance weight had been placed along the rim... Were they balanced when mounted? -
Comment 3
Ya I had it balanced when I had them rotated last fall. -