car shakes on acceleration it gets real bad around 40mph when you reach a speed on 2002 Volvo V40

it is ok on heavy acceleration it almost feeles like loose lugnuts on tire their ok.

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poss bubble in tire? axle or bearing issue will also cause this
tires are fine like i said once you reach 40-45 then coasting or slight acceleration its ok. only viberates on acceleration.
I have recently begun having this exact same problem with my 2004 Volvo s40 t5 and haven'gt been able to diagnose it. Did you ever figure out the cause and if so what was the repair recommendation and estimate? Please and Thank You
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2004 Volvo recently started to sound like something was loose when driving. Then the vibrating started. My mechanic took off the right passenger motor mount . Yes, it was damaged . I'm planning to fix it soon. FYI . The 2004 Volvo for some reason made a 2 different motor mounts . There is a $100.00 kind and a $200. With my luck .. I had to purchase the $200 dollar part ..
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