Car shakes at a stop and when you step on it you smell the transmission on 1993 Chrysler LeBaron

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I always had to put engine oil and coolant in the car. I have a small leak for the oil and the coolant just seems to disappear. A week ago my engine light turned on and I figured it was for oil. I've always kept an eye on those two things but not that day. Later that night the car developed a shake at an idle even in neutral. Even later that evening the light came on and I automatically pulled over and put in more coolant and topped off the oil again. A week after that I'm driving to work and the car doesn't want to shift you can hear the car over revving and then smoke started billowing out the back. I pulled over asap hoping to not damage the car even more. I noticed the transmission fluid was really low on the add part of it. I go buy some transmission fluid pour it in and she purred nicely was doing really well. Now my transmission smells like burnt rubber if I go and step on it. I love my lil Lebaron and I don't want it to die.
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