Car runs good until battery runs out on 1999 Isuzu Rodeo

Purchased this vehicle over this past weekend man tells us that it has weak battery shows dated 2005 ok. 1999 Isuzu Truck Rodeo 4WD 3.2L MFI DOHC 6cyl; we try to drive home and wow stops running. Check battery 11.4volts. ok in a pickle, head to closet auto zone and change batteries. New battery. wow car runs for an hour. same problem. Not the battery. Charged the battery and then replaced the alternator. I assumed my problem was solved. An hour later I'm in a fix again. Next solution; buddy tells me is that it is the computer, so here I charge battery and get a replacement computer. I give up. same problem.. car does not stay running. Now I need to reach out for help.

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Did you check to see if the alternator is charging the battery. Computer has nothing to do with the charging system.
There needs to be a "heavy wire" connection between alternator and battery positive terminal. Try taking wire off back of alternator, and use a test light from wire to a good ground. If light does not come on you have a bad wire or connection. Some wires have a "fusible wire" in the circuit, and that could be bad. If you have a DC volt meter check voltage at battery and should read I the mid 13 to low 14 volt range if battery is getting charged.
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Have you gotten a check engine light or any warning lights? Have you had codes checked if any?
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