Car runs bad after you have driven long distance with A/C on on 1998 Toyota Avalon

Hello I have a 1998 Avalon xls I just had a new tune up done an when your driving long distance on freeway and have the A/C and go to stop the car is running bad the tak goes up and down sounds like its missing anyone no why ??Someone said and A/C Idle adjustment ?? any suggestions ????

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I suggest not driving this when it is running rough, as you may cause damage to the catalytic converter. Take the car back to the shop that performed the tune-up, there may be a bad spark plug or something else related to the tune up.
Is the check engine light on?
ow long ago did they perform the tune up? How many miles do you have on it?
Every place has their own policy when dealing with these type of problems, and this place is just trying to insure they don't work for free addressing something they didn't cause. The problem will need to be diagnosed, and if it is determined to be a fault of the work done, they are responsible for the repair, but it's hard to know until the diagnosis is made.
When was the first time this problem occurred? And why was the tune-up performed in the first place?
Hello the tune up was done at the toyota dealer I called them they want 110.00 to check their work...after you shut the car off and it sits for a minute uts fine ,,,it runs great as long as you dont use the A/C
Just had the tune up done on the 14th of this month and it only has 147,000 miles