Car running hot after a few miles. on 2001 Volkswagen Jetta

The fan is working and I've had no leaks from the water pump. My friend thinks its the thermostat? What would be the cost (labor and parts) to fix?

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I think its your water pump as these pumps are know to have the impellers fail and they won't leak they just overheat and if the mileage is high you should have the timing belt replaced at the same time. You can locate a shop near you here
+1 on the pumps...

$550.00 with coolant and the waterpump. Additional parts extra...
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we would be more than happy to look at for you at NO CHARGE to make sure that it is in fact the thermostat that is causing your problem. If it is, your cost would be about $240.00 parts and labor including coolant. I hope this helps, I can be reached at 415-241-8178, Take care, Mike
Most likely the water pump, the impellar is made of plastic and they brake all the time. Make sure you replace the timing belt and tensioner at the same time, you dont want to do the same labor twice
Yep, I second the water pump, the plastic impeller separates, sometimes falls apart.
There is also another thing, make sure the nipple for the return hose on the coolant reservoir isn't clogged.
Anyway, use the proper, VW approved coolant.

a few different things could cause overheating on this model. The thermostat is a possibility along with a air pocket trapped in the system. Also the water pump impeller sometimes breaks inside and doesn't allow proper water flow. It needs to be checked by someone qualified or you'll just be replacing parts.
yes but tell me more about the airpockets