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2004 Volkswagen Passat Question: Car running cool

My car seems to run "cool", only heats up to 190 when stopped. Blows warm air but never hot. Brought the car to mechanic and they said it's the water pump. It would be a $1300 fix. Does that sound right? Would my car be over heating if that we're the case? -
Answer 1
Have the thermostat changed before any other work is done! See if that fixes this problem. You are right about the H20 pump! Yes it would be overheating. -
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It was the thermostat. $247 later I ended up saving $1000 on unnecessary work. Thanks for the info!!!!! -
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Answer 2
Price is to high, Agree -
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Whats worse is it aint the problem! -
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yep; good money for wrong fix. -
Answer 3
could be plastic impellars on water pump if so equipped -
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Temp should stay 190deg. -
Answer 4
If you are still experience heating issues and have had the stat replaced, heater core is the likely suspect. I see issues with the cores often at the shop. -
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