car running bad sucking gas. Check engine light flashing. Sound like baCkfire on 1997 Toyota Camry

My car ran fine 5 hours 300 miles. Then fill up w gas n to come home. It started running bad. Used triple the gas to get home. Its rpm is staying higher than normal when running not idling. my engine light flashes but only while tryin to accelerate, the rpm will jump from normal to high also while tryin to accelerate. Causing the tranny to take longer to shift. Smell of unburt gas n exhaust in car bad. If u stomp it it sounds muffled, then sounds like a back fire, runs a lil smoother for a min then sounds the same. At the exhaust it doesn't sound norm its put puting instead of smooth flow. When the light flashes the hot hand moves from normal to halfway, never higher thought. Rpm also jumps high when goin up hills, and car seems to struggle but never died out. Please help me help my lil car she is all i got.

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scan test for codes
I have the same problem with my 97 camry.

Codes: random misfire, misfire in #1, #2, & #3.
engine is a new reman. have checked and rechecked timing/ plus and minus a tooth.
car has no power. no sound from fuel pump when key is turned to "on"
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how much it cost to change timing belt