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2000 Ford Taurus Question: car run rough

my car is shaking everytime I go certain speed and the engine light bleak on and off. is it time for me to replace my ingition coil. -
Answer 1
With a blinking check engine light, you are risking damage to components - such as your catalytic converter. This is because your engine is misfiring, which is why the light flashes. A coil can be a failure (which engine do you have? 12V OHV or 24V DOHC 3.0L V6?), but so can spark plugs, wires (if present) etc. Get a good diagnosis performed and avoid driving the vehicle until repaired - you'll be glad you did. -
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I have a 3.0 v6 flex fuel -
Comment 2
Sounds like the 12 valve OHV engine. Sounds like plugs and wires perhaps. Coil - maybe. Doubtful though. Have a good diagnosis done ASAP. -
Comment 3
will it help if i get all that change the coil, spark plug, and wire. I been driving it for like over a month. -
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I would have it tested first. Very important. No need to throw a coil at it if it doesn't need one. My concern is - after a month, damage to your catalytic converters may already be done. You won't know until you repair the misfire. -
Comment 5
how much is for a converters to be replace -
Comment 6
I would recommend shopping a local dealership - that is the best source for a quality catalytic converter (and in some states - the ONLY legal source...) I'm going to guess - $1,000 - $1,500. -
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I hope that aint the case -
Comment 8
Me too! Start with the basics... -
Comment 9
will do that...one more question every time I cut on my AC it always blow out hot air what could be the problem with that.. -
Comment 10
Could be anything from a system that is low in refrigerant charge due to a leak, to an electrical issue with a cycle switch or high pressure cut off switch, to a compressor failure or compressor coil issue, to a restriction in the lines causing high pressure issues... Too many possibilities - needs a good checking out. -
Answer 2
I have a 1997 Saab 9000. I was told by one garage I needed a new front pipe and cat I took it to a Saab expert who said both were fine My check engine light was as simple as the intake cam gasket cylinder 4 was leaking due to a small split in the factory paper gasket I bought a thicker felt one about an hour of labor for the install. No more check engine light. -
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