1993 Mercedes-Benz 500E Q&A

1993 Mercedes-Benz 500E Question: car riding too low

i have a e500 merecedes benz 2004 riding too low i replace the hydralic air compressor and the relay the car is still ride too low. what else can i try? i need help in a hurry? -
Answer 1
Is your car a 2004 e500? If so, the ride control is a hydraulic system, not an air system . I have found problems with the accumulator leaking as well as the pressure lines. This is not a trivial repair. Have a qualified shop who knows this Mercedes ride system inspect your car and then recommend what repairs are needed. -
Comment 1
Just replaces both front 4-martic struts on my 2004 E500 by MB service. Now after 6 weeks the car is low again with the msg."Stop car to low" what is the problem now. just paid $4,500. Compressor kicks in now andthen. -