Car randomly stops accelerating on 1993 Lincoln Town Car

The car started to randomly shut down when idling for to long, now it randomly stops accelerating until it comes to a complete stop and shuts off. Then after about 5-10 mins I start it back up and it runs fine until a few mile down the road the same problem happens. Any ideas?

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ck codes an dfuel pressure and spark when it won't start. could be fuel pump or ign control modlule which is a common issue
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review when last tuned. it may be due.
rec. fuel system clean. ethanol treatment to 1 tank premium. clean fuel system always runs better.
have alternator tested as it may be failing. how is the battery? strong? when you throttle it always uses more current so i would say its an ignition issue. get alternator tested.
I had the alternator and battery tested when I bought it a few months ago and ended up needing a new battery, which I got, so the alternator and battery should be fine. The previous owner didn't really keep up with the maintenance, so it could be due for a tune up. I drove it 25 miles to work and back today, and didn't have any trouble at all. So I have no clue what the problem could be..
if you are not sure, then best to go ahead and get it done. you'll feel better about it after. complete tune up and moderate upgrades to ignition system and air intake will pay off bigger in long run.
remember, a clean fuel system always runs better.
just another thought, just because alternator check out when u bought it(the car) doesn't mean it hasn't hit its life span by now. best to get it tested.