car ran fine, 10 min later, it only clicked and would not start. battery is good on 2003 Honda Accord

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just replaced the battery 2-3 weeks ago.
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Double check battery connections. Check connection at starter and if able , test for voltage (signal) at solenoid connection. May be the starter solenoid contacts are bad , which in that case you would be best to get a good brand re-man. starter. If doing it yourself , recommend 'bench testing' the starter before buying one , just to be sure.
I agree with ziptie also have charging system checked.(alternator) Did it do ok as soon as new battery was installed until now?
Did it finally start this time without a jump start? Was this the same reason battery was replaced 2 or 3 weeks ago?
The battery was replaced, since it was old and all electrical items in car (windows, locks, lights, radio) work fine. I did go out to Utube and found that others have replaced the main relay as this seems to be a common problem with Honda Accords with over 150K miles. All had the same issue I am having with a strange gurgling sound behind the dash, which I have had for about 1 year. One guy even got it on the video and it sounded just like mine. I will try the main relay first and see what happens. Thanks.
Does the engine turn over or is it just a 'click' as your original post states?? Main relay won't help a no-crank situation...........?????????
Good question. It is just a click/clank, but only one. Just had another mechanic verify what all 3 of you have been is the starter. I bought a main sensor, but took it back and got a starter. Almost done installing it. I will let you all know. Thanks!
I want to thank each of you for your response to this issue. I verified with my mechanic, bought the starter, installed it my self (very easy for a Honda) and my car started immediately. Praise God!!! I am back in business. Again, thank you so much!