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2003 Lincoln LS Question: Car Problem

Before I take my car to Lincoln and get taken for alot of money...I'd like to know if I can get some help...my car is saying ETC failsafe mode and wont go over a certain MPH while also sputtering and choking. The codes that came out were 2107, 2104, 2110, and 2112...my mechanic said it is the throttle actuator(body)....im wondering what my possible solutions are to this problem....and what the cost might be....please help...thanks -
Answer 1
Most times the Electronic Throttle Actuator need to be replaced and reprogrammed, which runs 3-400 for the part minimum and then 1 hour to install and reprogram So about $600-700 should cover it. -
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thanks...if anyone else has any other info...please feel free.......i heard it may cost me 2000 -
Answer 2
Hi! Did you find the problem? I have a 2003 LS V8 myself and had the same problem last year. I had 2 problems: 1. Oil in the plug wells (valve cover gaskets wich is covered by Ford) 2. Water dripping from the sun roof because of drain tubes that were detached. So the water went by the "A" pillars down on the PCM (computer) located on the passenger side near the floor. Ford finally changed the PCM no cost (covered) and the problem was fixed. So it might one or the other because both problems were fixed at around the same time. Good luck and me know how it goes ! JP -
Answer 3
I have the SAME car with the SAME problem. It is in the shop as we speak......just waiting to hear what needs to be replaced and price. I have had nothing but PROBLEMS with this car.....I have renamed it my "stinkin' Lincoln!" -
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