car overheats/ replaced thermostat,water pump,water pump belt, all hoses on 1999 Cadillac Eldorado

radiator replaced 20,000 miles ago, pressure tests at 15 lbs, holds, upper hose hot, lower hose hot ,inter&outer hoses hot, radiator fans work, good lord help a old man out please!!!!!

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Suggest having a combustion leak test performed at a repair shop to confirm no head gasket problem.
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Assuming you have a Northstar engine,try checking the purge line. It's the small hose near the top of the coolant tank. Engine at idle, pull the line from the tank, if no coolant flow is coming from this hose, then it's blocked and can cause overheating. Hopefully this will be your easy fix, otherwise it could be a head gasket problem.
It might just be your heater core. Just replaced mine last year.