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1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass Question: Car overheating and heat not working

I got my car a year ago and as soon as I got it I found out the lower intake gasket was bad and I had it replaced. Recently after having it fixed my car started blowing steam from the right side and overheating. The heat stopped working and only blows cold air. We replaced the water pump, but the problem has persisted. I thought it could be the thermostat. I am at a loss for ideas.. Any suggestions please? -
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You might have to drain down the system, add about a gal,run engine while adding the rest. these new systems AIR LOCK real easy, run heater on high. Chryslers have a air bleed at the thermostat housing, crack it open a tad while it's warming up to see if there is air. CAUTION watch your face.use a box end 6 point wrench cause it might be froze -
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We bled it quite a bit the other day when we replaced the water pump. We ran it for at least 45 minutes. I don't know. -
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